Coin Related News

- 2018 Silver Mint Set Edition is on sale starting Oct 11th. The product code is 18RC at

- Rare 1944 D/S Lincoln Cent variety set to possibly bring in mid $20,000.

-  Franklin Half  Dollar brought $127,000 in Regency Auction on Sept 26th, 27th and 28th in Las Vegas. The coin was MS67 and very well toned. Besides the 2 factor the coin had no rarity .  As coin collector that might be a very good  deal  but as a investor it is too complicated to qualify it for a sound investment. Don't get me wrong there has to be a demand for any coin to be rare. I personally would not spent that kind of money for a coin that it's rarity is not in its mintage but the grade of the coin. Lets say you have penny that is graded at MS69 an there is one of them in the entire world. You pay one million dollars for it, 10 years later someone finds a penny exactly like yours with MS69 grading. Do you think your coin is going to worth a million dollars? I recommend to investors to always go with rarity of the mintage and demand of the coin.  

- Counterfeit alert *** 1946 Walking Liberty has been altered to look like a 1916 Walking Liberty. 

- The Block Islands Quarters are lunched on 11/15/18 and it is available at usmint. gov .